Types of Commercial Appliances

If you are going to open a new restaurant or catering service, then you are going to need to purchase commercial appliances. The types of cooking equipment you have available are very important for your restaurant, therefore it is vital that you have the correct tools for cooking tasty meals for customers.

With all the choices out there, setting up a commercial kitchen can feel overwhelming. Here is our helpful guide to most of the various types of commercial appliances available.

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Commercial Ranges – Gas or Electric?

Something to know concerning commercial ranges is that they are available in gas or electric models. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Gas commercial ranges are much more powerful, and a lot better suited for large scale commercial operations. The appliances heat up faster and are generally a lot more durable. For preparing meals, gas stoves are the best option for restaurant chefs. Gas fryers and gas stoves are often in commercial kitchens because they offer more power. Overall, this model of commercial range has less parts and can be easier to maintain and need less commercial repair.

However, commercial electric appliances offer benefits also. For example, electric ovens provide better baking functions – such as convection capabilities. Electric commercial appliances are typically easier and safer to use, as well as cost-effective. Most of the smaller commercial appliances, such as toasters, are exclusively electric.

Different Types of Commercial Appliances

There are many different commercial appliances out there, all of which can be especially designed for your exact needs. Here are a few of the various subcategories of commercial appliances that you can buy.

Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust hoods are necessary addition to a commercial kitchen. They’re needed for safe use of the kitchen, as well as keeping in line with health regulations.

Commercial exhaust hoods offer a couple of different purposes. They can be used to remove fumes, steam, and hot air from a commercial kitchen during cooking. They can also be used to eliminate grease and food particles.

No commercial kitchen could function unless there is a working ventilation system. There are many different brands of commercial exhaust hoods available for your kind of kitchen and spacial requirements.

Commercial Walk-In Freezers

A walk-in freezer isn’t an appliance you would see in a residential kitchen! However, they are normal in restaurants. These enormous freezers are necessary for any restaurant operating at a high volume. Commercial kitchens need a lot of space to keep frozen food and that’s why a walk-in is needed.

These walk-in freezers are also a must-have for kitchens that need to freeze very large containers or boxes that cannot fit inside of a conventional freezer. You can buy several different sizes of walk-in freezers. They are custom-fitted to the kind of space you have in your kitchen.

Commercial Walk-In Coolers

You can’t have a good commercial kitchen without a lot of food. Commercial walk-in coolers are needed for keeping a lot of food fresh. If you are running a large scale operation, then a standard-sized refrigerator won’t be enough. Walk-in coolers make it far easier to store away food, as well as easier to grab out what you need. As with a walk-in freezer, these commercial appliances will have to be specially made for your specific kitchen space.

Commercial Fryers

From chicken wings to french fries, a deep fryer can cook many delicious food for a restaurant. Some of these foods just cannot be prepared without a commercial fryer available. These are appliances that will be excellent assets for preparing meals and appetizers.

You are able to choose between gas or electric fryers. Electric fryers do take a while longer to heat up, but they recover quicker between frying cycles. They are also much simpler to manage. Gas fryers are able to reach higher temperatures, and they also heat up faster.

Beyond electric or gas, you can buy stand-up fryers or countertop fryers. These can come in all types of different sizes and volumes, based on your requirements.

Commercial Grills

The grill is typically the center of a commercial kitchen. This is where a lot of the hot meals are prepared, and it is vital that your grill performs to your needs. Grills come in a variety of shapes and models, and it is important to have the one that’s best suited for anything you’re cooking.

You can buy electric or gas grills. Gas grills deliver higher and faster heat. They also grill more evenly than electric. Electric grills are typically cheaper and sometimes have more features. Although, electric grills heat slower and can be difficult to maintain.

Commercial Steam Cooking Equipment

Steam cooking is a amazing method that can be used for a variety of foods. This type of cooking is energy-efficient and low-cost. Commercial steamers are available in countertop, floor, or microwave units. You can also buy steam kettles, combi ovens, steam generators and portion steamers.

Steam cooking is very healthy for you, and also fast and efficient. It also presents a good way of keeping cooked food warm and not drying out.

Commercial Toasters

Commercial toasters are important for kitchens and restaurants that serve breakfast. Toasters can vary widely, based on what their specific use is. You can purchase flat press toasters (great for sandwiches), commercial pop-up toasters, roller toasters, bun-grilling toasters and more. Even waffle irons will fit under this category.

For commercial kitchens that cook a lot of breakfast, fast and efficient commercial toasters are essential.

Commercial Specialty Cooking Equipment

Some unique food items can’t be prepared using standard appliances – especially if you require them cooked at a high quantity. This is where specialized cooking equipment comes in.

Specialty equipment serves a single unique function. If you are planning on preparing something very specific, you probably desire the exact appliance for the job. This equipment could include pasta cookers, crepe makers, sous vide immersion circulators and more.

Commercial Appliances In Review

Equipping a commercial kitchen can feel like a challenging task. It is important that you understand the types of equipment available first. The commercial appliances that you purchase will have to be specifically determined by your kitchen space, and the kind of meals that you will be cooking.

Within the different categories of commercial appliances, there are so many brands available. Purchasing the correct appliance for the task can make the difference to the success of your kitchen.

Additional Types of Appliances